“Looking for enhanced innovation, delivery speed, communication & reliability while developing software? GCIT can assist through agile workflow, infrastructure, & iterative code testing automation – as well as helping you choose & manage the right tools.”

GCIT  DevOps services are dedicated towards helping our clients improving their software delivery process, accelerating product release time and improving their operational efficiency.

The software delivery lifecycle is quite challenging specially in terms of reducing delivery cycles and cost of operations. There are several types of pressures such as quick software release, fast rolling out of features and functionalities, improved scale and efficiency, and managing multi-vendor, multi-technology solutions.  DevOps has come into existence to increase the speed, agility and velocity in the software delivery.

GCIT DevOps Services:

GCIT  DevOps methodologies and practices are reduce the product release time, enhance the product quality and improve operational efficiency. Our DevOps services expand through the entire span of product development lifecycle. Some of our major services are:

DevOps Consultation

GCIT offers end-to-end DevOps consultation wherein the current DevOps maturity of an organization is assessed and a roadmap is created for the DevOps transformation process and adopting DevOps tools and processes. In DevOps consultation, we offer following services:

Maturity Model: At GCIT, we conduct maturity model assessment for auditing the existing infrastructure, identification of redundant activities and right tools. This assessment is conducted to identify the actions that can be taken to reach the next maturity level in DevOps.

DevOps Infrastructure Design: GCIT experienced DevOps consultants will identify the best-fit architectural design for enabling continuous delivery pipeline in the organization.

Microservices: The DevOps microservices have the potential to manage complex applications, delivery pipelines and deployments. Our solutions help business organizations to adopt microservices easily.

Development Strategy: The container strategy ensures that a consistent environment is created for DevOps implementation. It is used to DevOps deployment in frequent and hassle-free manner. A resilient infrastructure is necessary for successful DevOps implementation. Therefore, our container strategy recommendation includes appropriate container usage, governance model and secure usage.


DevOps Support

We offer DevOps implementation for any ongoing software development project. Our DevOps services empower organizations to accelerate DevOps adoption and encompasses following services

Application Management Services: In Application management services, GCIT examines the existing application portfolio, identify application issues and design strategy for better performance of the existing applications.

DevOps infrastructure management services: A robust infrastructure is a crucial building block of DevOps; therefore, GCIT  offers DevOps infrastructure management services for creating more agile and responsive infrastructure to accommodate DevOps services.


DevOps Evaluation

GCIT  evaluates the current status of DevOps program, defines KPIs to better evaluate the performance and uses the insight from the project for offering recommendations. Our DevOps monitoring solutions helps the business organization to have a better visibility of their Microservice applications and continuous delivery pipeline.

Big Data DevOps services: GCIT  provides DevOps solutions to ensure continuous delivery of big data analytics and infrastructure.


Our key Differentiators

  • GCIT has strong experience across different stages of project lifecycle including development, testing and support with all the leading tools. We also have experience in different application patterns such s ERP, CRM, and Web applications.
  • We have experience with latest technologies & frameworks such as Continuous Integration, Testing, and Deployment.
  • GCIT offers a global delivery model along with remote operations and production support system.


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