Empowering Businesses with Cloud

Traditionally, business organizations used to manage all their hardware and software infrastructure. Although they had full authority and control over these resources, maintaining and accessing them was time-consuming & expensive process. 

But, today, Cloud has revolutionized the IT industry. Cloud computing offers so many advantages over the traditional computing system. The idea of subscription- where customers pay for an application as long as they are using it. The operational expenses can also be capped with the subscription model rather than on-premise deployment. Cloud SaaS applications also offers agility. The deployment time can be reduced from months to weeks. Clearly, elasticity and low-cost are clear advantages. Standardization & accelerated deployments have also increased the popularity of cloud-based SaaS models. 

Business enterprises looking for agile and lean operations are leveraging GCIT Cloud-based solutions for a seamless transition to cloud infrastructure. With cloud, companies can optimize several digital challenges related to customer engagement, service optimization, procurement & ERP integration. 


The SaaS (Software as a Service) is a cloud computing service model in which the users are given access to the cloud application by the vendors. It means that the users are not needed to install applications on their local devices. The user application is stored in a remote cloud, where they can collaborate on the application through remote locations. 

Key Features of GCIT SaaS Model: 

  • The users benefit by a subscription model to access the cloud software and application
  • GCIT manages all the infrastructure related services (installing or upgrading software)
  • All the data remains secure in cloud in case of equipment failure
  • High scalability depending on the user requirements
  • The Applications are accessible from anywhere, the users can work remotely.


In PaaS (Platform as a Service) model, the users are provided with a cloud environment where they can develop, manage and deliver applications. In this platform, the users can not only store the applications in the cloud platforms but they can use prebuild tools to develop or customize their applications. PaaS applications are most suited for business organizations that want to implement agile methodologies. 


In IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) model, the vendors provide access to resources like servers, storage & networking. The Business organizations use their own applications in the provided infrastructure. The vendor ensures the availability and reliability of the infrastructure. Several companies not having their own data centers use IaaS as a quick & cheap infrastructure. 

With our unparalleled experience gained through serving clients in different industries, GCIT makes sure to deliver cutting-edge, resilient solutions to the clients. 

GCIT Cloud Computing Services

Cloud Strategy & Roadmap

GCIT extends a matured service offering that prioritize business planning and actions for maximum results. At GCIT , cloud computing is not considered as a roadmap but as an architecture that can deliver IT value. GCIT cloud strategy & roadmap services can help defining & implementing cloud computing by comprehensive examination of current and future business needs and IT infrastructure. 

 GCIT  partner with clients to craft the best-fit architecture for the organization with the help of discovery workshops, PoCs and work streams. We follow a detailed step-by-step approach for our Cloud Strategy & Roadmap services:

  • Identifying performance gaps in technology or operations to consider a cloud solution 
  • Analysis of IT service catalog, software interdependencies & software chain
  • Selection of appropriate cloud service delivery model (IaaS, PaaS or SaaS) for IT services
  • Understanding security, regulatory & compliance policy implications
  • Document a cloud strategy & plan
  • Creating a PoC and identifying benefits, risks and cost associated with the Project

Cloud Migration

GCIT helps companies modernize & migrate their applications to cloud & transform organization architecture and infrastructure. While migrating to the cloud, it is important to make selection for the type of services and the order in which applications and environment has to migrated to the cloud. With deep expertise in cloud migration services, GCIT approaches complex migrations in hassle-free and cost-effective manner. Our inexpensive & agile Cloud Migration Services follow a detailed step-by-step approach as follows:

  • We create a comprehensive migration strategy with deep analysis of all business and operation processes across the organization
  • Standardize the cloud migration process to meet all IT needs across the organization
  • Accelerate the migration process with Multiple Concurrent Migrations
  • Ensure smooth go-live through end-to-end testing and 24 hours support

Cloud Optimization

GCIT cloud optimization services, improves productivity, scalability and performance of cloud applications. With time, the cloud services can drift from an optimize state to degraded one with lack of security or technical expertise. GCIT can help clients in evaluating their current cloud environment, identifying critical security gaps and rearchitect the infrastructure for maximum efficiency. We offer following cloud assessment services

Cloud Assessment: Cloud best practices, reliability, performance, and security & compliance gaps

Cost Optimization: Identifying and eliminating waste practices. 

Cloud Compliance Test: Compliance test against networking vulnerabilities, HIPAA, GDPR, ISO guidelines

Cloud DevOps Strategy & Implementation: Automating operations, improving CI/CD guidelines and containerization of the cloud environment. 

All the applications are refactored & re-platformed to run smoothly on the cloud. GCIT offers highly reliable and inexpensive service with features like services desk, monitoring, security and service management.

We have a diverse portfolio of industry-tailored solutions & insights for quick deployment of application.


                                                              GCIT Key Services Differentiators

Our key service differentiators are:

Suitability for business of every size: GCIT public cloud can be scaled in real time. Best performance is assured by container service, server load balancer & DevOps Operation. GCIT  remote support and centralized management services assure that the cloud environment is running 24*7 at the minimum cost. 

Real Elasticity: GCIT offers both auto vertical and auto horizontal scaling. Auto vertical Scaling is where cloud will automatically adjust CPU and RAM to serve the current application demand. In auto horizontal scaling, the server nodes can be increased/decreased according to requirements. With multicast feature, the cloud can replicate sessions on different cloud instances in the same cluster. The customers can define the attributes like processing power, operating system, & resource consumption etc. 

Deployment Management: The cloud servers are deployed with latest technology assuring the clients can create and deploy new servers in minimum time. The backups can also be scheduled and restored in a quick manner. With the control panel, the clients can access every part of their cloud infrastructure and monitor their billing process. 

High Compliance & Security:  GCIT assures that the cloud is secured with two-factor authentication, which makes sure that any third-party do not have access to the data. With group accounts and server tags, companies can control access to the infrastructure in secure manner. The access can be controlled with tags assigned to the servers. 




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