“GCIT has long experience in helping the education institutions in meeting the regulatory requirements, protecting the data assets and meeting the ever-increasing requirement of higher education standards”

In the last decade, there has been drastic transformation in the education industry. The educational institutions have realized a paradigm shift in terms of education goals, delivery and as well as education methodology. The students are becoming more decisive and central to the education system. As a result, the education institutions are also making efforts to deliver market-ready skills and experience-rich lifelong learning. For this, digital transformation of education institutions is needed, which encompass following features:

  • Digitally integrated and timely interactions which ensure student acquisition and retention
  • A dynamic curriculum design that meets the diverse needs of students
  • Improving learning outcomes

GCIT has the experience and skills in helping the educational institutions creating an effective digital transformation for meeting the high-quality educational standards in a cost-effective manner. Our software services help the educational institutions in several aspects such as administration operations, curriculum management, and academic research.

GCIT software services in educational sector have following features:

  • Learner lifecycle management
  • Examination result management
  • Student help portals and performance management system
  • Learning management system (LMS)
  • Reinventing digital core administrative tasks for speed and flexibility
  • New delivery models for learning

GCIT Portfolio of Education Services

  • GCIT  conducts a detailed analysis of the business needs and offers the best-fit business solution. GCIT solutions are embedded with the idea of superior user experience.

    • Learning Products: Our learning solutions enable high access and delivery of superior user experience. The learners can collaborate in real-time and access consolidated institutional information. Real-time analytics and digital content delivery help the companies in offering superior user experience.
    • Student Marketing: We offer solutions, which helps the education institutions in targeted marketing and thus yielding the maximum benefits. Our concentrated marketing efforts are based on learners’ preference and recommending relevant content
    • On-boarding System: Our student and teacher on-boarding software helps in augmenting on-boarding experience using digital and real time support and engaging videos.
    • Schedule Management System: Our schedule management system manages the teachers’ schedule and creates class time-table.
    • Curriculum Management System: GCIT offers a unique curriculum management system that helps in streamlining the complexities of complex curriculum management. It has several features like curriculum design, curriculum mapping, and curriculum collaboration.
    • Digital Assurance: GCIT offers a dedicated facility to test education related solution and infrastructure solutions using latest technology tools
    • Content Enrichment: GCIT helps the educational institutions in upgrading their teaching and learning infrastructures to improve the learning experience and content quality. We offer several services such as content and media development, learning delivery platform development and content enhancement.