“Scale up your testing speed with GCIT proprietary cross-platform automation testing solution”

The rapidly evolving IT landscape is increasing the consumer expectations for digital performance and functionality. It is creating huge pressure on the developers to roll out more features in the least possible time. Several approach such as DevOps and agile support this development methodology.  However, it has also created pressure on the testing professionals to reduce the testing time. Automation testing is a testing approach, which reduces the testing time by reducing the manual efforts for the repetitive tasks.

Importance of automation testing

  • In software testing, several test cases are repetitive in nature. Completing these tasks manually increases the testing time. Automation testing can reduce the testing time in a significant manner
  • With automation, the testing efficiency can be improved as it possesses the features of storage and traceability. The test cases can be stored to cover the future requirements with similar functionalities
  • Automation testing offers high test accuracy and precision
  • Automation testing increase test coverage and reduce testing time as it can be used to create complex automation tests, which can be executed repeatedly

GCIT  automation service offerings:

The benefits of Automation testing are:

  • Cost-effective regression testing: Increases the efficiency of regression testing by using automation for repetitive task
  • Quick time to market: Reduction in overall testing time, which will result in quick product release
  • Improvement in Test Coverage and quality: Eliminating the manual testing errors and increasing the test coverage
  • Multi-platform testing: The testing can be carried out in multiple platforms in limited time