Data Warehouse development

Data Integration

Our expert data integration services combines the data stored in various unrelated sources and provides a unified view of enterprise data to end user through SSOT (Single Source of Truth) by putting them in one silo. This helps to unearth critical information hidden in the data that often used to go undetected. With years of experience, our developers are expert in working with ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) tools.


Architecture Design And Modeling Services

Design and architecture of data warehouse to meet the needs of business, and IT users. With our architecture and design services, we help to identify business opportunities, examine current data warehouse maturity, build business case and define a roadmap to ensure the data warehouse continually meets business needs.


Data Mart Development And Data Warehouse Migration Services

We help you centralize your data by creating enterprise data warehouse through data mart consolidation or migration from another platform. Our developers are also experienced in building individual data marts dedicated separately to each business function, addressing all the needs of a specific team or department.


Enterprise Data Management Services

Integration, validation, management and protection of data from the point of origin to its eventual discontinuation.


Analytical Services

Discovering business critical information from raw data, and assistance with forecasting, decision support, application development and implementation for both operational and strategic users.


Performance Services

We help you optimize your system through performance and capacity analysis. Also, with the implementation of workload management tools, and application tuning techniques, we improve your data warehouse performance.


Managed Services

With the utilization of field-tested data warehouse processes, and specialized tools, our experts manage & monitor the daily tasks that are required for maintaining an optimum data warehouse environment.